ReClaimit! Store Manager Job Announcement

Websites:, and 

Apply for the position by:   EOD Friday August 26, 2016

Position begins:                 Early September 2016

Job Description: This job description is subject to change by the CP Board.

Position Title:         ReClaimIt! Store Manager

Pay Scale:            $15 per hour based on relevant experience.

Hours:    40 hours per week, 2080 hours in a calendar year or $31,200 (additional hours as required/authorized)

Days of Operations:     Wednesday through Monday

Benefits:     No medical or vacation benefits other than statutory unpaid protected sick leave.

Setting: ReClaim It! (“the store”) is a retail store managed by Cracked Pots, Inc., a non-profit environmental arts organization devoted to waste reduction. The store sells objects and materials rescued from the waste stream, in order to inspire people to reuse and reimagine.


The Store Manager oversees all operations of the ReClaimIt! Store, which procures, processes, displays and sells used materials to the public. This position requires self-motivation, initiative, problem solving, and creativity. The Store Manager works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure full coverage of the store during business hours. The Store Manager has verifiable retail experience and, strong communication and organizational skills, good attention to detail, computer fluency, a flexible helpful personality, and a commitment to natural resource conservation. 

The position is at-will and subject to the provisions of the Cracked Pots Employee Handbook. Hours do not exceed 2080 per year. The Store Manager, in coordination with the Volunteer Coordinator is expected to provide coverage during the days and hours of operations at the store.

Essential Functions of the Store Manager:

At the direction of the Board the Employee shall:

   1. Organize and manage all aspects of the store, including:

  • Training new store volunteers for their defined roles and responsibilities and managing their activities 
  • Working closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to schedule sufficient store volunteers and ensure they are effectively matched to their tasks 
  • Cleaning, pricing and organizing incoming merchandise prior to being offered for sale, using volunteer assistance when possible
  • Creating and maintaining attractive retail displays for store merchandise 
  • Identifying sales trends and, in coordination with the Volunteer Coordinator, responding to demand for specific items. Ensuring that established pricing and cashiering policies and procedures are carried out by staff and volunteers 
  • Staffing occasional outside events, such as street fairs, CP art shows
  • Tracking the need for store promotions by reviewing store sales, financial statements, and all “square” records.
  • Assisting when requested, in conjunction with the marketing committee, in determining the on-going marketing strategy for the store and specific events in the store
  • Establishing or updating store procedures when requested or needed. 
  • Maintaining on a daily basis, current records for all store financial transactions; reconciling “square” till on weekly basis
  • Ensuring safe working conditions, in conjunction with Volunteer Coordinator, including work place practices and store environment 
  • Scheduling garbage and recycling pickup as needed
  • Providing for and facilitating a clean store environment including managing waste removal, recycling, proper tool storage, and ensuring cleaning supplies are available and bathrooms are cleaned.


2. Manage written and oral communication, including:

  • Checking email, phone messages and texts and responding to questions and requests for information on a daily basis
  • Keeping supervisor and appropriate board members & committees apprised on store activities and that arise issues, as needed 
  • Maintaining (or facilitating maintenance of), in conjunction with the marketing committee, an updated ReClaim It! website, blog, and Facebook page with a minimum of bi-weekly postings
  • Coordinating with CP Board and Program Administrator on publicity and outreach for cross-promotional events and activities
  • Maintaining an archive of ReClaim It! policies and procedures
  • Keeping a detailed timesheet and providing monthly activity reports to CP President
  • Attending monthly Board meetings, special events, and the annual one-day retreat as requested by Board members
  • Performing other duties requested by the Board to support and enhance CP programs
  • Leading by example in being at work on time, displaying a positive and “can do “ attitude, and remaining calm and clear-headed when circumstances are hectic or stressful.

Report Structure

It is the intent of CP that both Store Manager and CP commit to open communication and clear task assignments. The Store Manager reports directly to the CP Vice President. The above-mentioned duties (or other tasks determined by the Board) will be assigned to the Store Manager by the CP Vice President. The Store Manager does not directly supervise any employees, but oversees activities of volunteers while they are stocking and clerking in the store.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

This position requires:

At least two years of verifiable experience managing a retail environment 

Excellent organization and multi-tasking skills

Experience in retail merchandise display 

Knowledge of, or experience with, second hand/thrift store pricing

Experience in retail pricing strategies

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Demonstrated volunteer/ employee management skills

Demonstrated skills with computer programs such as, but not limited to:

  • Word, Excel, and Square
  • Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media

Attention to detail and organization

Ability to track several projects at a given time

Ability to think independently and problem-solve when needed

Experience working with and coordinating volunteers

A commitment to being patient and courteous with the public and volunteers

A demonstrated commitment to, and understanding of,  recycling, reuse and DIY practices.

Familiarity with CP and its mission

Physical Requirements: 

The store consists of retail space, a cleaning room and a store room. The Store Manager moves, carries, and displays objects (from the dump) which may be heavy, awkward, and unclean. The Store Manager position includes floor work, collegiality, and the ability to manage volunteers cheerfully and effectively.

To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to In the subject line please write your name and Store Manager Position.